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> M915C01

Product Name:M915C01   
Product introduction:NRP-M915C01 is a high-performance radio frequency read-write module, developed and designed with high performance RFID chip, with the world's top radio frequency read-write performance and multi-card recognition cap

product details

1Using high performance RFID chip, with stable and strong multi-card recognition ability
2Small size, can be embedded in various devices such as handhelds and tablets
3The max output power is 33dBm, support the tag RSSI and phase information return
4Excellent heat dissipation design, support 7*24h high-intensity work
5Provide Demo and development board, easy to develop

Performance parameter
ProtocolISO 18000-6C(EPC C1 Gen 2)

920MHz ~ 928MHz

902MHz ~ 928MHz

865MHz ~ 868MHz

Customized and adjustable

Data interfaceTTL UART, baud rate 115200bps
CoolingExternal heat sink, air cooling
Antenna interface1 SMA port
Connection cable14PIN @ 1.25mm
GPIO2 relay input,2 relay output /3.3V level
Main marketUnited States, Canada, Europe, China, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.
RF output15~33dBm
RF accuracy±1dB
RF flatness±0.2dB
Inventory speed350tags/second

Physical parameter
Working voltage3~5.5V
Standby current<60mA
Working voltage1.0A@30dBm 1.2A@33dBm
Working TEMP-25℃ ~ +80℃
Storage TEMP-30℃ ~ +80℃
Working humidity5%RH ~ 95%RH non-condensing

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