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File Cabinet System

Publication time:2020-04-09 08:47      Article source:handler

Compared with the UHF file cabinet program and the traditional file management program, the advantages of UHF file cabinet are mainly reflected in:

1. The file cataloging process is simple and the sorting efficiency is high

2. The order of file storage is easy to check in the background

3. The files are easy to check

4. High efficiency of file inventory;

5. Improve the management efficiency of invalid files;

Using ultra-high frequency RFID technology to design RFID smart file cabinets can solve traditional file management, query, efficiency and other pain points.

system structure:

System composition description:

1. The main file cabinet is used to store documents

2. RFID tags are used to mark files and record relevant information, with small size, low cost and long service life

3. R2000 fixed reader (including host and antenna), used to read tag information. Using R2000 chip design, you can read the file management label in seconds, without missing the card, and improve management efficiency; support 18000-6C, 18000-6D

4. Wired or wireless network, used to connect to local management software or cloud server. Cloud platform management data, safe and traceable, long storage time

5. Archives file management software, used for authorization, entry and access to file inventory information, high management efficiency

6. The server, which stores archive file inventory information, can be transferred and backed up, which is convenient and efficient

7. The solution can be extended to smart tool cabinets, smart medical cabinets and other related fixed asset management