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Clothing Management

Publication time:2020-04-08 17:43      Article source:handler

With the increasingly fierce competition in the apparel industry, in order to be invincible in the market competition, it is necessary to continuously improve production efficiency and shorten the capital turnover time. According to market research and analysis, through informatization of the entire clothing industry, production efficiency can be greatly improved and capital turnover time can be shortened. At present, most of the clothing industry is all traditional operation methods, resulting in poor information feedback. When problems arise, they cannot be discovered and dealt with in a timely manner, which leads to the lack of work in many links. At the same time, the situation of product sales cannot be grasped in time, leading to the out-of-stock of the best-selling products and the pressure of the unsalable products, which also reduces the profit.

UHF RFID technology can informatize all aspects of clothing production, product processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics transportation, distribution, and product sales, providing users with real-time dynamic tracking and query throughout the process; realizing processing information, system operation status, and business The monitoring and management of operation quality, while providing real, effective and timely management and decision-making support information for managers at all levels, and providing support for the rapid development of the business, will be able to solve all problems, thus reducing costs in an all-round way, increasing profits and competitiveness.

1. Clothing RFID anti-counterfeiting function

In the production process of RFID clothing management, the UHF RFID card issuer is used to combine some important attributes of a single piece of clothing such as: name, grade, item number, model, fabric, lining, washing method, implementation standard, product number, inspector Write the number, etc. into the corresponding electronic tag, and attach the electronic tag to the garment.

RFID electronic tags can be attached by: implanting them in clothing, making them into nameplates or hangtags, or adopting recyclable anti-theft hard tags, etc. Each piece of clothing is given a globally unique ID number that is difficult to forge, which can effectively avoid counterfeiting and well solve the problem of clothing anti-counterfeiting.

2. Clothing RFID warehouse management

Because UHF RFID technology is available in non-contact and non-visual situations, it has the characteristics of simultaneously identifying multiple tags, that is, dozens of full boxes of clothing attached with UHF RFID electronic tags can be read through UHF RFID The writer accurately reads all its logistics data at one time, which greatly improves the logistics efficiency.

The use of UHF RFID technology in the warehouse management of RFID clothing management can realize the visual management of all management units, which can greatly shorten the packaging, handling, inventory, and statistics time, thereby reducing cargo damage, accelerating capital turnover, and greatly improving the efficiency of warehouse management.

Through this process, 15,000 pieces of clothing can be verified per hour in only one UHF RFID channel. The automation of the verification process can reduce the time a single product spends in the supply chain by 5 to 7 days.

3. Inventory of warehouse RFID technology to avoid out of stock and broken codes

For manufacturers and clothing stores, UHF RFID readers can be used for warehouse inventory. Customers can automatically analyze the tags read by the readers, and then know a certain style, a certain color, and a certain model. The actual quantity of the garments, so as to ensure the balance of inventory, and timely replenishment, to avoid the phenomenon of out of stock or broken codes of a certain garment in the clothing store, and to ensure the normal needs of customers.

4. Store RFID anti-theft

The UHF RFID reader has a relay output function inside, that is, when the UHF RFID reader reads a tag or a tag with a specific format, the UHF RFID reader will close the relay, thereby triggering the external relay to close, and Start the alarm or alarm indicator to alarm. There are several situations for the RFID tag anti-theft:

4.1 RFID tags in clothing stores need to be recycled

In this case, the reader installed at the door of the clothing only needs to read the tag to trigger an external alarm.

4.2 RFID tags in clothing stores are not recycled

In this case, the clothing store can use the UHF RFID reader to rewrite the label on the clothing that the customer is about to buy, and define a byte of data. When the byte is 0, it means no purchase, and when it is changed to 1, It means that it has been purchased. When the reader at the door reads a tag that has not been rewritten, it will trigger the external alarm to alarm, and when it reads the rewritten tag, it will not trigger the external alarm.

5. RFID quick inventory

UHF RFID handsets can take real-time inventory of on-shelf products and store back-end inventory products. Reports can be generated by region and by shelf position, and data in specified formats can be generated according to actual requirements, and uploaded to the store management in real-time or offline. system.

6. RFID fast cash register

Through a fixed UHF RFID reader or RFID handheld cash register device, the system can quickly collect the product information selected by the customer and generate a sales list, which greatly saves checkout time, and sales staff can use more precious time to focus on customer service .