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> NRP-TR915A

Product Name:NRP-TR915A   
Product introduction:TR915A UHF channel access control system supports ISO18000-6C protocol, internally integrates high-gain antenna group, high-speed reader and control module based on ImpinjR2000, has high-speed tag reading performance and

product details

1. Features

Independent intellectual property design

Support ISO18000-6C protocol

Working frequency 902~928MHz (customizable 865~868MHz)

Output power 33dbm (adjustable)

Strong multi-tag reading ability, extremely low missed reading rate

The antenna is specially designed to realize the horizontal narrow beam design, the access control coverage area is accurate, and there is no blind spot

The alarm is sensitive, safe and reliable, and achieves zero false alarms

Built-in warning light and buzzer

The RFID security door can be placed in a wider distance, the farthest can be 1.8m

Optional anti-theft alarm function

Optional new label reading prompt function

Fashionable appearance, easy to assemble

2. Product details:

Air interface protocol: ISO18000-6C

Output power: 0-33dBm (adjustable)

Communication interface: RJ45; RS232 (WIFI/4G optional)

Material: Alloy profile; Acrylic surface material

Appearance: body-silver gray, panel-off-white

Working temperature: -10-+50

Working voltage: AC220V+/-10%

Machine power: 20W

Function: sound and light alarm

Installation method: no slotting, with 1.5m stainless steel wire trough

Size: 1496*370*59MM (137mm base)

Third, the list of items

(1) The main access control includes

1 set of access control stand

2 9dbi narrow beam antennas

1 set of reader module and control board

RS232 serial port 1

Ethernet port 1

2 feeders

(2) The secondary access control includes

1 set of access control stand

2 9dbi narrow beam antennas

2 feeders

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