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Product Name:R2405G   
Product introduction:NRP-R2405G is a high-performance long-distance omni-directional reading and writing active reader. It is waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision, and can operate stably in outdoor and industrial environments. It is usua

product details

1. Product Introduction

NRP-R2401 is a 2.4GHz mid-range omnidirectional active reader, which can identify more than 200 active tags at the same time, with a typical reading distance of 60 meters. It can be used in various fields such as personnel management, regional positioning, asset management, and security alarms. Concise and lightweight design, providing communication interfaces such as serial port and Wiegand, and external power adapter for power supply.

2. Operating mode

The reader continuously receives the radio frequency information, battery voltage status, tag tamper status and temperature value from the tag, and then immediately transfers the received data to the background management system through the communication interface. In special applications, you can also write data to tags or change tag parameters.

3. Recognition distance

In a good visual environment, the distance can reach 0-60 meters. When users have different requirements for the recognition distance, they can choose active electronic tags and readers with different signal strengths, and can adjust the power and receiving sensitivity of the readers through software to achieve the required recognition distance.

4. Recognition speed & ability

When the electronic tag is running at a maximum speed of 200Km/h within the effective recognition range of the reader, stable recognition can be ensured. The reader can read more than 200 active electronic tags at the same time; the built-in anti-collision algorithm of the reader can ensure that all identifications are not missed in a very short time.

5. Communication security

The reader and the matching electronic tags use a special communication protocol to verify the legitimacy of the device, and use an encryption algorithm to ensure the security of communication data.

6. reliability

It can work 7*24h with high intensity and stability and low power consumption.

7. Communication Interface

Provide RS232, RS485, Wiegand26/34 and other communication interfaces. Provide VC software interface, can provide the underlying communication protocol.

8. Customizable

The reader can be customized according to the special requirements of customers.

Technical parameter
Working voltageDC 9~12V
Working current800~3000mA
Security mechanismEncryption algorithm
Distance0 ~ 300 m
Multi-tag read≥500 active tags
Angle360° read and write
PolarizationCircular polarization
Antenna gain6dBi
Working powerMilliwatt
CommunicationTime division multiple access / synchronous communication.
Anti-interferenceChannel isolation, multiple devices do not interfere with each other
Power supplyDC 9~12V   200~1000mA
ShellIndustrial-grade design, alloy shell, waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision
InstallationHang buckle or other

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