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Product Name:R1352V   
Product introduction:NRP-R1352V is an industrial-grade AGV card reader and AGV landmark sensor, with a reading speed of more than 2 meters per second and a distance of more than 15 cm. Support Modbus protocol, automatically adapt to general

product details

Product Introduction

NRP-R1352V is an AGV landmark card reader specially designed for AGV unmanned guided vehicles based on radio frequency identification technology. Integrating antenna, amplifier and controller, it is easy to access.

2Adopting square design, working frequency supports 13.56MHz, 134.2KHz, 125KHz. It supports standard industrial MODBUS RTU fieldbus protocol, which is convenient for network communication, and the baud rate can be configured up to 115200.

The internal integrated radio frequency communication protocol can be connected to PC/PLC/SCM. Users only need to receive data through the RS232/RS485 communication interface to complete the reading operation of the tag without understanding the complex radio frequency communication protocol.


It can be applied to AGV site positioning, AGV scheduling system functions, production automation management, material transportation management and other scenarios.

Technical parameter
Operating voltage9~12V
Working current<0.2A
Circuit protectionReverse polarity
Recognition speed2m/s
Reading distance0~18cm
Card type supportIC card, ID card
Working humidity10%~90%RH
Working TEMP-25℃ ~ 70℃
Shell materialABS
Wiring methodTerminal
InstallationM4 screw, 4 mounting holes

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