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Beijing will launch a special physical examination for the city, and coordinate the management of hazardous chemicals with technologies such as electronic tags

Publication time:2019-11-14 11:01      Article source:handler

On July 13, the Beijing Municipal Government held a press conference to introduce the "Three-Year Action Plan for Special Remediation of Work Safety in Beijing". It is reported that the plan includes 9 special rectification implementation plans including the safety rectification of hazardous chemicals, the safety rectification of non-coal mines, the rectification of fire safety, the rectification of transportation safety, and the rectification of urban construction safety. Among them, the fire truck passages of the newly built communities in Beijing will be marked with lines, and the old communities will also gradually advance.

According to Bian Jiecheng, deputy director of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, the "Three-year Action Plan for Special Remediation of Work Safety in Beijing" from April 2020 to December 2022 is divided into five categories: work preparation, mobilization and deployment, investigation and remediation, concentrated tackling and consolidation and improvement. Stages. "At present, the Office of the Municipal Safety Commission has sorted out a list of 286 specific tasks covering 3 topics and 9 special projects in the city. At the same time, relying on the information system, it has initially established the first batch of 6536 “list of hidden problems” as Important quantitative indicators for special rectification, clarify the responsible unit and rectification requirements." Bian Jiecheng said.

Centralized storage and unified distribution of hazardous chemicals in the city

In terms of safety rectification of hazardous chemicals, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Emergency Bureau pointed out that according to the life cycle of hazardous chemicals, it can be divided into multiple links such as production, storage, use, operation, transportation, and disposal. This remediation will strengthen the life-cycle safety management of hazardous chemicals. "We will strengthen the construction of a centralized management system. Accelerate the construction of a centralized management system for hazardous chemicals, study the construction of a logistics hub base for hazardous chemicals in Beijing, and carry out centralized storage of hazardous chemicals. And unified delivery."

At the same time, it will also comprehensively use blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, electronic tags and other technologies to conduct full life cycle information management and monitoring of hazardous chemicals production, storage, transportation, use, operation, and disposal. Realize that the source of hazardous chemicals can be traced, whereabouts can be traced, and the status can be controlled, so as to achieve interconnection between various regulatory departments and enterprises.

The old community will carry out identification management for the fire passage

Fire safety rectification is an important aspect of the three-year action plan for the special rectification of production safety. This time, we will concentrate our efforts on rectifying the fire passage known as the "passage of life". Li Yunhao, chief engineer of the Municipal Fire Rescue Corps, said that the three-year action in the firefighting field will achieve obvious rectification of prominent fire safety risks in key areas such as fire truck passages, high-rise buildings, and old places.

"The fire truck passages and fire hydrants of public buildings and newly-built residential quarters shall be marked and identified, and identification management shall be implemented. For other communities, especially old communities, the identification management shall be gradually carried out according to local conditions in consideration of actual conditions." Li Yunhao said, For actions such as blocking and occupying fire lanes, damaging, squeezing, or occupying fire hydrants, the Fire Rescue Corps will supervise and rectify the fire hydrants in accordance with the law.

At the same time, in view of the prominent hidden hazards in old places, the city will focus on the rectification of hidden hazards in old communities, production and workshops, and "three-in-one" places, and promote the upgrading of fire-fighting facilities and improve fire safety conditions. Source control is included in the practical project for the private sector to supervise and correct a number of fire hazards.

Sort out shortcomings in response to major infectious diseases

According to Ding Sheng, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the urban construction safety rectification plan will carry out special urban physical examinations to find hidden safety hazards in urban public facilities and highlight shortcomings, and the shortcomings and shortcomings of urban construction in dealing with major infectious diseases Insufficient, urban safety resilience is an important part of urban physical examination and evaluation.

At the same time, in terms of the investigation of hidden dangers in the reconstruction of buildings and the investigation and punishment of illegal constructions, we will comprehensively investigate and use the original buildings to be converted into hotels, restaurants, schools, gymnasiums and other people gathering places for safety risks, and investigate and deal with illegal construction and illegally change the main body of the building in accordance with the law. Behaviors that cause safety hazards caused by structure or use functions, etc., supervise the rectification of safety hazards in various districts.