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Haier Biotech uses RFID, smart chips and other technologies to secure its biological security "digital base"

Publication time:2019-11-14 10:59      Article source:handler

In response to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the government report proposed to issue a special national debt of 1 trillion yuan to be used for local public health and other infrastructure construction and anti-epidemic related expenditures, plus the current 5G, industrial Internet, etc. as the core The new infrastructure is accelerating, and people place more expectations on biosafety construction.

In the field of biosafety, Haier Biomedical uses the logic and technology of the Industrial Internet to open up the two lines of data circulation, and through the layout of a win-win and evolving ecosystem for all stakeholders, it is the first to implement five scenarios and applications, which is an extension of the contacts of new infrastructure. Pile foundations have been laid in more fields, bringing a new experience of data sharing and interconnection to the industry.


(Haier Bio-Experience Cloud Big Data Center, to create a new experience of data sharing and interconnection)

New roles, new explorations, new expectations... Haier Biomedicine presses the "New Infrastructure" accelerator button to ride the waves on the biosafety track.

New role: to secure the "digital base"

As a new digital infrastructure for the application of the Industrial Internet in the field of biosafety, Haier Biomedicine plays the role of a "safe base" in the process of biosafety digitization and informatization. Haier Biomedical is equipped with the Internet of Things technology to transform equipment from electrical appliances to the Internet of Things, improve the interconnection and interoperability of related supporting equipment, build a large biosafety network, and give more possibilities for future development. Haier Biomedical's new digital infrastructure has not only a basic support function, but also an overall synergistic influence, as well as a leading and leading role, which provides a successful reference for the layout of more fields.

New exploration: open up the "safe channel"

Focusing on biosafety, Haier Biomedical not only possesses the industry-leading core technology of low-temperature cold chain, and can provide low-temperature biomedical products in the full temperature range of -196℃ to 8℃, but also builds a win-win ecological platform with the help of Internet of Things technology. In addition, “new infrastructure” has been established in vaccine ecology, blood ecology, sample ecology, and drug reagent ecology, which connects the smart hardware at the bottom end of biosecurity to the end platform of the Internet of Things middleware in the supply chain, and “flows” life and health data. To build the most complete and basic closed-loop system.

For example, the blood network scene ecology is a microcosm of the combination of industrial Internet and biosecurity. Haier Biomedicine is equipped with RFID wireless radio frequency, smart chip and other technologies, to open up the relatively occluded and mechanical blood management mode in the past, so that each bag of blood has its own "label", blood safety is guaranteed in real time, and it solves the time spent on blood. People’s livelihood issues such as long-term blood safety cannot be guaranteed, blood cannot be deployed, etc., create more life value.


(The Wisdom Blood Network scene guarantees real-time blood traceability and creates more life value)

New expectation: Let data resources be integrated and interoperable

At a time when biosafety construction has attracted much attention, Haier Biomedical has provided biosafety equipment support, product technical services, and full-scene program coverage for the fight against the epidemic by relying on its technical strength in the global biomedical cryogenic storage industry. Acceleration". For the future, Haier Biomedical will continue to innovate and apply technologies such as the Internet of Things, open up various platform information systems, facilitate the integration of biosafety resource data, realize the "one network" unified biosafety management as soon as possible, and promote national biosafety construction.

In the face of the increasing popularity of "new infrastructure", Haier has created an inimitable "Black Sea Strategy" ecology through differentiated experience cloud, realizing its own advantages and sustainable development of the scene brand. Haier Biomedicine, which ranks first in the Black Sea strategy, produces new species along the ecological evolution of value-added, sharing, and evolution. At the same time, it also lays a solid foundation for the biosafety "digital base" and leverages its own advantages in technology, scenarios, and solutions. Lead the industry to gradually build a powerful IoT big health ecology, and move forward courageously on the road to improve people's health experience and quality of life.