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Enripu grandly launches RFID fixed asset management system

Publication time:2019-11-14 10:58      Article source:handler

As we all know, the fixed assets of enterprises and institutions have a wide variety of types, high values, and different service cycles, making management difficult. Traditional fixed asset management methods have many drawbacks. It is time-consuming and laborious, and it is also prone to asset loss, inaccurate maintenance and depreciation information, and discrepancies between physical objects and inventory results. The emergence and popularization of RFID technology have brought endless possibilities for asset management.

      Enripu Technology Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2012, has been deeply involved in the RFID industry for many years. Accumulated a wealth of project experience, and also has a mature and energetic software and hardware R & D team. After an in-depth understanding of all aspects of asset management, combined with the company’s self-developed RFID reading and writing equipment, with the joint efforts of the R&D team and market personnel, finally successfully developed a set that can be flexibly used in various industries and various scenarios Fixed asset management system.

      The system is a BS architecture, which can be deployed in a local area network, or it can be deployed in the cloud based on the actual needs of the user unit. Ensure that users can access the login system through the terminal equipment in their hands under any conditions.图片

Asset tagging adopts inlay tags, linen tags, PCB anti-metal tags... it can realize tag binding of various assets.图片图片图片

Data collection equipment includes handhelds, fixed readers, etc. Achieved fast, batch, and remote inventory, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of asset inventory.图片图片

The software system covers all aspects of asset management, such as asset storage, requisition/borrowing, maintenance, repair, scrapping, RFID inventory, report generation management, etc. Users can also customize business processes according to their own needs to meet the different needs of various industries and scenarios for system functions.

       At present, this system has been used in industries and fields such as aviation tool management, hotel fixed assets inventory. The details of the system can be found through the following link:

Enruipu RFID Asset Management System